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Spend More Time With Your Friends To Be A Better Lover 👭

Spend More Time With Your Friends To Be A Better Lover 👭

Some people distance themselves a little from their friends when they get into a relationship. Don't be one of them for your relationship.

Hi love and lust chasers 💜💦

The more polar we are with our partner, the more we feel complete and attracted to each other.

Think of a magnet; the same poles of a magnet push each other away, but opposite poles attract each other and create energy. 🧲

It’s nearly the same process in love relationships. ❤️

However, it can be challenging to stay as different people and maintain polarity. 

We do so much to become nearly the same person as our partner.

We attend all the events together, do the same hobbies, and live together which can eventually lead to a loss of attraction.

So how can you maintain polarity and attraction with your partner, even after years of being together?

At Biyaku, as your guide to a juicy and fulfilling love life, we explore and present various ways to maintain this connection, but we are focusing on one of the most important sources you feed off of.

Your friends and people of the same gender can be the way to polarity.

Of course!

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In our busy lives, it's so easy to prioritize our romantic relationships and forget about the others. 

However, spending time with people of the same gender is equally essential for the sake of your relationship.

Because it can be incredibly fulfilling and can help you maintain a strong sense of self. 

Why is that?

Your friends and same-gender acquaintances can provide emotional support, companionship, and a sense of belonging.

Moreover, same-gender relationships can also help you cultivate positive relationship qualities that are essential in romantic relationships, such as communication, trust, and respect.

So, by staying focused on our relationships and exploring them with people of our own gender, we can become more polar and more attracted to our partners. ❤️

When we can accept ourselves and embrace our differences, our relationships can become more dynamic and satisfying

What to do?

Don’t worry!

You can improve yourself and your relationship with doing some simple practices.

At Biyaku, we prepared a short meditation that will help you raise your awareness on your relationship. 💜

You can practice that with the meditation on the top of the page. 😊☝

Remember, Biyaku is always here to push you into joy and awareness! 💜💦

If you want more, you can find more meditative practices on our ‘’What the Hell Are Relationships?’’ course. Check it out 👇

At Biyaku, we’ll continue to explore ways to deepen your connections with your partner and maintain that spark. Stay tuned! 💜

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