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Your Body Knows Exactly How To Turn You On 💦

Your Body Knows Exactly How To Turn You On 💦

Awaken your sexual energy by using breath, sound and Kegels…

Hi love and lust chasers 💜💦

The secret to a better sex life is not about a lover, a sexual experience or any outside factors. It’s about our own libido. 🔥

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And one of the best ways to connect with our libido is doing breath practices that can awaken the sexual energy in our body. 😮‍💨

Using breath to activate the sexual energy is a commonly used Tantra practice.

When done with intention, conscious breathing practices can heighten awareness, increase intimacy -especially the one we have with ourselves, and connect the body with the mind on a deeper level.

So to experience that, our experts have prepared a 9-minute, fun breathing practice where you’ll add the natural elements from within your body; sound and pelvic floor activation. ✅

In this practice, you’ll be doing Kegels that fire up the pelvic floor muscles, and allow yourself to make sounds that can create vibrations throughout your body.

These two elements can elevate your sexual energy, which is sure to make a positive impact on your sex life too. 

The physical sensations you’ll feel in this breathing practice can bring out your wild side. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself turned on at the end of the practice. 💦

And who knows, maybe you’ll use these practices next time you’re making love to your partner... Or in your solo practice. 😊

So if you’re intrigued, give this unique practice ‘‘Vibrate Through Your Breath’’ a try. ✅

And there are many more like it in our ‘‘Libido Firing Breath Practices’’ playlist which are calling your name!

Check it out ❗ 👇

At Biyaku, we’ll continue to explore ways to make your sexual life more colorful and juicier. Stay tuned! 💜

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