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Boundaries Set Us Free 🗽

Boundaries Set Us Free 🗽

Learning the boundaries of our partner and telling them about ours has an incredible effect to take our experience on a different level. Continue to see more…

Hi love and lust chasers 💜💦

The description of sexual boundaries that people refer to is often very narrow.

Most people say things like ‘‘I’m kind of into oral stuff.’’ or ‘’I don’t do that.’’ when they think of boundaries.

And that’s it. 

But boundaries are actually much more than that.

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The word boundary has a negative connotation as soon as we hear it.

We think of boundaries like an obstacle and that’s not always true. 

There’s a really nice saying about this: ‘‘Boundaries look like a separation, but they are actually the meeting points of two different things.’’

It’s the meeting of two people at the intersection of what they mutually like, after realizing the things that they individually like or dislike. 🤝

Boundaries may seem to limit us, but they actually free us. 🗽

How so❓

Because learning the boundaries of our partner and telling them about our boundaries has an incredible effect to really take our mutual experience on a whole different level... 💑🔥

Talking about our boundaries and being clear about them takes the ‘‘What would they say if we did it this way?’’ worry away from our mind and helps us say ‘‘I can enjoy this as freely as I want...’’ 😌

When we don’t be really clear about boundaries and when our partner crosses them, we tend to either just go through with it… Or potentially hurt them by saying ‘’No!’’ aggressively... 

And these will spoil the moment and create some more worries… 

But what if we could explain our boundaries to ourselves and to our partner in a sweet way? 🤔

Then we can have much more liberating sex by allowing them to be free within these boundaries and increase the passion and pleasure within this free area. 💦

What makes the difference here is that being aware of our boundaries you have created for yourself with our own will. 😇

And not to deprive ourselves from that pleasure just because we’re judgemental about a different kind of touch.

So if you want to practice your awareness and increase the pleasure you get from your sexual experiences, we suggest you take a moment for yourself and listen to our 7 minute guided meditation prepared by our experts. 🧘

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And if you want more guided meditations, you can check out our ‘’Discover Your Own Sexuality 🔍’’ playlist. 👇

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