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Take Five Breaths to Your Genitals 🔥

Take Five Breaths to Your Genitals 🔥

Get in touch with that special place of your body through the simplest tool. Your breath!

Hi love and lust chasers 💜💦

So, what do you do when you want to feel a connection with your sexual side ❓

Wear sexy underwear?

Hang around the house naked?

Or, dance to your favorite tunes? 

These can work…

But why use external tools when you can feel that true, deep connection with your libido through your own body ❓

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We’re not talking about self touching. Think even simpler than that. 

Our breath, the simplest tool we can use, can have an incredible effect on waking up our libido. 💦

This is a simple practice that you can do anywhere, anytime of the day. Without anyone even noticing.

It’s like imagining the journey of your breath in your body, but instead of limiting it to the lungs, visualizing it move around the genitals too… 🔥

So if you’re ready to experience this breathing technique, check it out at the 2 minute podcast above. ☝️

Remember, Biyaku is always here to push you into joy and awareness! 💜💦

Breath is just one of the keys that can improve your sexual life. 🔥

Learn about the rest in our course ‘‘Five Juicy Keys for a Better Sexual Life.’’ 👇

At Biyaku, we’ll continue to explore ways to make your sexual life more colorful and juicier. Stay tuned! 💜

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