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Find Your Reason For Choosing A One Night Stand 🤔

Find Your Reason For Choosing A One Night Stand 🤔

Turn your one night stand from a fling into a pleasure filled experience.

Hi love and lust chasers 💜💦

One-night stands provide sexual satisfaction without the constraints of a relationship. 💑

We all have different reasons to pursue the one night stand gamble:

  • To create a bond with someone ✅

  • To avoid a strong bond altogether ✅

If you’re part of the first group, you probably throw yourself too quickly into one night stands with loaded expectations. 💭

Or, you might choose a one night stand to avoid connecting with someone and create an armor around so you don’t get hurt. 🛡️

Neither goal for one night stands is right or wrong, bad or good

We can choose whatever we want, but if we do it with awareness, then we can see the reasons behind it and be ok with the results.

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A one night stand can indicate that it is a temporary and superficial experience that only takes place for the specific purpose of sexual gratification. 😋

But you know what, there is another option: being in the moment, understanding your feelings and being able to say whatever you desire in a one night stand. 😇

Just because it’s a one night stand doesn’t mean it should be a meaningless quickie.

Once you know your reason for choosing a one night stand, you can make an intention to enjoy discovering that new body, having fun, savoring every touch and every moment of lovemaking. 🤤❤️

Basically, enjoying a one night stand. 

So, what to do ❓

At Biyaku, we want to approach all relationships with awareness

Because it gives us the ability to live more meaningful relationships by understanding ourselves. 

If we can also increase our awareness about one night stands, we would have the chance to say, "Let me enjoy this moment!" before we decide whether or not we want to create a bond.

And for that, we prepared an 8 minute guided meditation on one night stands which you can find at the top of the page 🧘🏼‍♀️☝️

So, be aware of your expectations, live the moment and enjoy that exciting gamble regardless of the outcome! 😇❤️

If you want to explore more juicy contents about relationships, you can just move on to our ‘’What the Hell Are Relationships?’’ course to find more exclusive meditative practices!

Check them out: 👇

At Biyaku, we’ll continue to explore ways to deepen your connections with your partner and maintain that spark. Stay tuned! 💜

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