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Kegels: The Key to Unlocking Your Sexual Potential and Overall Health 🔑

Kegels: The Key to Unlocking Your Sexual Potential and Overall Health 🔑

This podcast episode includes a 2 minute guided meditation. Take a seat and enjoy! 😊 You can also go below to read what our podcast is about. 👇

Are you curious about how to unlock the best kept secret for improved sexual pleasure and health at the same time ❓

Well, look no further than Kegel exercises!

When Dr Arnold Kegel first developed his revolutionary pelvic floor muscle exercises, he likely had no idea just how powerful they would become and a frequent destination for those who care about their sexuality and wellness.

Originally intended to help women recover from childbirth or manage incontinence, Kegel exercises have since been discovered to have other benefits, including the ability to enhance sexual pleasure and performance for both men and women.

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The concept behind Kegel exercises is simple! 👍

Just with any other muscle in the body, the pelvic floor muscles can be strengthened through regular exercise. By taking the time to properly care for these muscles, we can improve our overall health and wellness, and enhance our sexual experiences.

For women, Kegel exercises can lead to stronger orgasms and greater sexual arousal. They can also help the pelvic muscles relax during intercourse, making sex more enjoyable and less painful. 👩

For men, Kegel exercises can improve bladder control and sexual performance by extending the duration of sexual activity. 👨

How can you start incorporating Kegel exercises into your own routine ❓

The exercises involve consciously contracting and releasing the pelvic floor muscles. 

The muscles supported by Kegel exercises are essential for maintaining good sexual and physical health, so it's important to take the time to care for them.

With Biyaku, you can just spare 5 minutes of your precious time, and do guided Kegel meditations and practices prepared by experts in the area!

As you treat yourself better and continue to practice Kegel exercises regularly, you will find that your sexual experiences become more pleasurable and satisfying in a very short time!

You'll also be doing your body a favor by caring for these essential muscles and promoting overall health and wellness. So, why not give Kegel exercises a try today?☀️

Let’s experience a moment together to remind you of your sexuality and take care of your body.

For that, we have a very short guided meditation in the podcast above for a nice start 😊☝

Your body will give you its most sincere thanks for discovering and applying the Kegel miracle with the guidance of Biyaku. 💜🙏

And if you want more practices, check out our ‘‘All About Kegel’’ course: 👇

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