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Don’t Go With The Suppressive Side, Explore Your Wild Desires!

Don’t Go With The Suppressive Side, Explore Your Wild Desires!

This podcast episode includes a 7 minute guided meditation. Take a seat and enjoy! 😊 You can also go below to read what our podcast is about. 👇

Hi love and lust chasers 💜💦

Do you have any desires that make you say ‘’ OK, I want this but it’s too crazy…’’? 

If yes, congratulations! You are a sexual human being…

We all have secret fantasies and suppressed desires that we hide from the world, even from our partners. Everyone does! They may seem too wild or taboo to share with others, but you know what? 

Whatever society and rules say, they are there and suppressing them can make them twisted over time. And it is completely unhealthy for a sexual being! Like you… ❤️

What if, instead of turning our backs on these desires, we gave them a healthy space to exist with our libido? What if we choose the healthy and humane way to embrace them?

So, how can we create that space?

The Biyaku answer is mindful meditations and practices. 💜

Today we are doing it for a more mindful and joyful you with the podcast you can find above. ☝️

Are you ready to seek pleasure in the parts of your body and mind that have perhaps never been discovered? 🔍

If you don’t have the time and space to practice and meditate, you can just walk about the questions below in your mind while you are dealing with your daily tasks.

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What is the deal with this practice?

You will just delve into moments of pleasure that make your body pulse with excitement. And you will feel some vibrating parts of your body and let yourself to the arms of joy.

You will act like a completely different person with a higher libido who has built their life and sexuality around pleasure. And you will deal with some questions.

Here are just a couple of these electrifying questions:

What kind of person would you be?

Would this person exist as a more sexual being?

What kind of people would this person love to be with?

What is the favorite sex position of this person?

What is the wildest place this person fantasizes about?

With these questions, you will easily embrace your inner wild child, let your senses take over and feel the heat of desire running through your sexy body as you let go of all inhibitions. 🔥

Your imagination wants to take you on a fun and sexy ride with your libido. Don’t dishearten it! And if you don’t have the courage, Biyaku is here for you! 💜

And if you want more, you can find more practices on ‘‘Discover Your Own Sexuality’’ course. Check it out: 👇

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