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Circle Breath Meditation: A Breathtaking Breathing Technique to Elevate Pleasure 💜

Circle Breath Meditation: A Breathtaking Breathing Technique to Elevate Pleasure 💜

This podcast episode includes a 7 minute guided meditation. Take a seat and enjoy! 😊 You can also go below to read what our podcast is about. 👇

Hi, sexy people and mindful heads! 🔥🧘‍♀️

Breathing is the fundamental function that keeps us alive, but it's also a powerful tool for regulating our nervous system, boosting our immunity, and lowering our stress levels. 

However, did you know that you can also use breath to bring out your sensual feelings during intimate moments and heighten your awareness

Whatever your answer is, come on in.

Don't be one of those who breathes just to continue!

Breathing itself is a passionate act. ❤️‍🔥

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Each breath is a tantalizing reminder of the essence of our very being, the source of our primal desire and the foundation of our ambitious existence.

Mindful breathing has been used for years in traditional practices like yoga and guided breath therapy. 

But at Biyaku, we've got something more than traditional exercises for you. 💜

Meditative breathing techniques are one of our indispensable practices to take your breath away!

We're talking about techniques that will bring your senses into the game, making your sexual experience more sensuous and pleasurable than ever before.

If you are ready, today’s meditation is about the circular breath technique, also known as the circle breathing.

You can find our 7 minute guided meditation in the podcast above. ☝️

What is this circular breath technique or circle breathing all about?

You might be thinking, "What's so sexy about breathing in circles?" 

Well, let us tell you: circular breathing can amplify emotions and increase Eros, making it the perfect tool to use during hot moments to experience intense and kind of mystical emotions.

This technique involves connecting your inhales and exhales in a seamless circular motion, never fully finishing one before starting the other.

By incorporating pelvic movements and even breathing through the mouth, you'll tap into a whole new level of sensuality. 🔥

At the end of the day, this miraculous technique can lead you to longer and more intense orgasms. 💦

At Biyaku, we use a set of different techniques to bring our senses into the game

We hope this breathing technique meditation will fire up your sexual life and bring you more pleasure. 🔥

Remember, the more sensuous we can be, the more pleasure we can get from sex and life. ❤️☀️

And if you want more, you can find more breath practices on our ‘’Libido Firing Breath Practices’’ playlist. Check it out: 👇

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