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Meditation: A Natural and Simple Way to Ignite Your Libido 💦

Meditation: A Natural and Simple Way to Ignite Your Libido 💦

This podcast episode includes an 9 minute guided meditation. Take a seat and enjoy! 😊 You can also go below to read what our podcast is about. 👇

Who wants to play a game that will take their libido and sexual energy to the next level ❓

Let’s see the hands ✋

Oh, nice!

Today, we are expanding your awareness of sexual energy beyond the genitals with a very joyful meditation including a different kind of game.

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It's commonly believed that our sexual energy is limited to the physical sensations we experience in our genitals.

Well, this is not entirely true. ❌

In fact, our sexual energy is a complex and multi-faceted force that can be found throughout our entire body. ❤️

By learning how to connect with this energy and expanding our awareness of it, we can experience greater pleasure and satisfaction in our sex lives, and even in our daily lives. 💦☀️

Unfortunately, many people are not fully aware of the potential of their libido and sexual energy, and may feel unsatisfied or unfulfilled in their sexual experiences.

Isn’t it such a shame to spend the precious years of your life unaware of your potential and watch the time fly by? 😔

Don’t worry!

Biyaku is here to help you to live a libido and pleasure driven life! 💜

For that, we have a 9 minute meditative game you can find in the podcast above! ☝️

By engaging in that meditation and exploring the different areas of your body where sexual energy can be found, you can increase your libido and find new sources of pleasure. 😌

You'll be definitely surprised at what you have discover when you open your heart and mind to new possibilities. 

So go ahead and unlock the full potential of your sexual energy with Biyaku! 💜

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